What Garcinia Cambogia Is All About

A pumpkin-shaped fruit also known as tamarind, Garcinia Cambogia is a native plant to Indonesia though it is also grown in Southeast Asia, India, Central and West Africa. It is also used to preserve fish, to make curries and even traditional dishes in Malaysia and other South Asian countries. The fruit is used as a supplement as it contains about 20%-30% of Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), an active ingredient that helps in weight loss.

Benefits Of Garcinia Cambogia
Most studies indicate that Garcinia Cambogia can help people lose weight fast. The supplement achieves this by breaking down food into usable energy instead of storing it into the body as fats. It can also help those who over-eat to curb such tendencies thanks to its capability to alter the Serotinin effect which normally creates a mood that pushes people to over-eat.garcinia cambogia
Using Garcinia Cambogia supplement, studies also show that you can have a leaner body especially if yo u eat right and exercise as well. In some cases, you might not see a change in body weight on a scale but the point is that the supplement will reduce your body mass. Therefore, you will have lean muscle mass meaning that the composition of your body has changed even if the body weight still remains the same. This has been cited as the most discouraging factor about Garcinia Cambogia. If just like other people using the supplement you are keen on following the numbers on the scale, you should
pay close attention to how your clothes fit on you compared to before. If your clothes fit loosely, this indicates a reduction in body mass. At first, you may not see a change of weight using this supplement but through eating healthy foods and exercising you will have a higher muscle composition. That is a good sign that your body is losing fats and since muscles weigh more than fats, that might explain why you don’t see change in your weight on the scale.
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Garcinia Cambogia generally delivers good results through sustained use of up to 12 weeks. Leading a naturally healthier lifestyle also helps speed up the rate at which the supplement can break down fats into muscles contributing to weight loss. Usage of the supplement beyond 3 months is however not recommended due to adverse side effects of Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) buildup up in your body. Garcinia Cambogia should be taken in dosages of 1500-3000mg each day. In most instances, you should seek the advise of a physician whose prescription might help you take the right dosage. Due to safety concerns, if you have a cardiac condition, diabetes, you are a pregnant or breast-feeding, you might have to look for other ways of losing weight.

If you are looking for a faster way to lose weight, Garcinia Cambogia supplement will be of great help . However, use it only temporarily for 3 months after which you can adopt other weight loss plans. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising often will go along way to helping you lose weight quickly even after you have stopped using the supplement.